25+ Line Slots

With their 25 (or more) pay lines, the online slots games in this category of casino slot machine games are not for the faint of heart. With a diverse variety of themes across all the titles in this category, you’ll quickly find something that tickles your fancy if you like to play slots. With so many lines to bet on, your chances of forming a winning combination are good, especially if you bet max.

In all the 25+ Line Slots games you can start the betting from as little as 1p per line, and in most of them you can bet all the way up to £20 per line. The two exceptions are Caesar Salad, in which you can bet up to £10 per line and win up to 7 500 times your bet, and Time Machine, in which you can also only bet up to £10 per line, but can win up to 10 000 times your bet.

Computer Rage is one of the most novel games in this 25+ Line Slots category. If you’ve ever experienced computer frustrations (come on, we all have!) this slots game is for you; you’ll even get the chance to toss a computer out a window – and win money for doing so!

Dino Delight is a cute and excellently-animated game that will appeal to dinosaur lovers, while Double Panda is also super-cute and not shy on the winnings – 10 000 times your bet can be won in this online slots game.

Enchanted Beans (30 lines), Native Treasure (30 lines), Quest of Kings and Thai Sunrise are all colourful online slots games that are guaranteed to enthral you with their engaging themes and attractive winning prospects of up to 8 000 your bet. Another superbly entertaining game in the 25+ Line Slots category is Time Machine, which, along with Silver Star, rounds up this fascinating category of online slots games.

These 25+ Line slots games form just one category of the many categories of online slots games that are available for you to play by simply downloading the online slots games software, which you need to have in order to play the William Hill online slots games. Once you’ve installed it, you can start playing more exciting casino slot machine games in other categories such: Casual Game Slots, Classic Slots, Frightmare Slots, Fruit Machine Slots, 9 Line Slots, 20 Line Slots, Marvel Jackpot Slots and Rapid Fire Slots.