Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots

If you fancy being immersed in a swashbuckling world of pirates, ships, treasure, barrels, flags, rum, cannons and cutlasses, then Buccaneers’s Bounty Slots is precisely the type of online slots game that you’ll enjoy for many an hour! With tantalising winnings up for grabs, playing this slots machine game sure beats walking the gangplank!

As part of the Classic Slots of William Hill’s online slots games, Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots is a three-real online slots game that has five paylines. It’s also got excellent graphics and a soundtrack that might well have you tapping your foot to its rhythm as you venture forth on your pursuit of the treasure.

Play up to five lines in Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots and bet up to five credits per line in your pursuit of the 24 winning combinations. You can bet from as little as 1p per line – and play one line – or up to £5 per line – and play five lines. This means you can bet up to ?25 per spin with Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots, so keep an eye out for the treasure chests and the pirates, which are worth the most! You can win up to 10 000 times your original bet in Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots – that’s quite some treasure!

Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots bonus game

If a treasure map appears anywhere on any line, you’ll immediately gain access to an exciting bonus round. In this bonus round you’ll see a pirate sitting on a deserted beach with six treasure chests close by. There is a prize inside each of these treasure chests, but you’ll only get to choose one, so choose wisely!

Play Buccaneer’s Bounty Slots and other online slots games

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Buccaneer's Bounty Slots screenshot

Buccaneer's Bounty Slots paytable

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