Cubis Slots

Cubis Slots brings you three wonderful dimensions of online slots gaming fun. Forget the usual two-dimensional slots environments, Cubis Slots lets you line up winning combinations along three axes! Each time you play, no fewer than 75 cubes will slot into position on the three faces, with a colourful and animated undersea environment as the backdrop.

In Cubis Slots, which is part of the Casual Games category of William Hill’s online slots games, you have to line up four or more matching cubes on a payline (there are 15 of these!) to win prizes. There are green, blue, purple, red, orange and yellow cubes, as well as diamond cubes, which are worth the most. There are also Wild Dice cubes, which substitute for any other cube, so look out for these, as they can give you winnings worth up to 10 000 times your original bet! Payline wins are multiplied by the total of the dice in a winning combination.

As with Bejeweled Slots, in Cubis Slots all items (in this case, cubes) that form part of a winning combination disappear after the win has been accrued, and make way for new cubes, meaning you can win many times from a single spin.

Bombs away with Cubis Slots!

Explosive action on-screen in Cubis Slots can lead to explosive winnings to bolster your bank balance. There are three types of bombs in Cubis Slots, all of which help you to line up as many winning combinations as possible:

  • The Line Bomb shoots balls of fire in four directions, destroying cubes at 90-degree angles on the same face.
  • The Square Bomb destroys all 25 cubes on the same face.
  • The Nuclear Bomb destroys all 75 cubes on the game board.

With the Line Bomb, Square Bomb and Nuclear Bomb, destroyed cubes are replaced, which means you get more chances to win. All the bombs explode when no winning combinations remain.


Cubis slots screenshot

Cubis slots paytable

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