Famous Slots Myths

Famous Slots Myths

To say that slots players can become a little obsessive about their hobby is something of an understatement. Nothing seems to be able to match slot machines in their ability to mesmerise otherwise ordinary members of the public for hours on end, to the extent that many slots players are reported to suffer from repetitive strain injuries . In a game where players spend hours pitting their ability to push a button or pull a lever against the random and impersonal forces of fate, and stand to win millions doing so in the process, it is not surprising that some strange beliefs and myths have emerged from within the slots playing community. 

1. Slots are due to pay out 

Slot MachinePlayers who’ve been playing on a slot machine for a couple of hours are likely to start feeling as though they deserve some compensation for their time and money. This, however, is not how the slot machines view the situation. The payouts awarded by the machine are totally random, and it is just as likely to pay out the jackpot as swallow a credit from one moment to the next.

2. Someone else just won your jackpot 

Slot MachineThere’s nothing quite like playing at a slot for an hour, and then watching someone else take your seat and hit the jackpot with their first spin. In such situations it’s easy to think that this player has just benefited from all the hard work and money you put into the slot, but this simply isn’t true. All slots cycle continuously through different combinations, even when not in play. This means that a split second in timing can be the difference between a jackpot and a loss.

3. Play less for longer 

Slot MachineThe idea behind this myth is that playing more coins for longer gives a player more time in which to hit big payouts. By spending the minimum on each spin, the player extends the session, thereby increasing their chances of winning. As appealing as this may sound, all this tactic actually does is to extend the playing session. In reality, playing more coins opens up better higher jackpot payouts, and therefore improves the odds in the player’s favour.

4. Pulling the handle is better than pushing the button 

Slot MachineThis myth is probably true if you’re an obsessive compulsive who’s left the Lithium Carbonate at home. However, for someone who won’t fly off the handle if their rituals are interfered with, pressing buttons or pulling handles makes no difference whatsoever. Exercising either option results in the delivery of an electronic signal to a microcomputer, which then spins the reels. Slots engineers do not, of course, train their microcomputers to detect the difference between button- or handle-generated signals.

5. Once a machine has paid out a jackpot it’s ‘dead’ 

Slot MachineThis idea basically draws parallels between a slot machine’s methods of operating and the male sexual cycle. Apparently once the machine climaxes (jackpot), it requires a recovery period before it can pay out again. This interesting concept fails to take into account the fact that slot machines are entirely different to biological organisms. The machines are, instead, governed by random number generators, which can and do pay out at totally random intervals.

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