Frightmare Slots

Frightmare Slots is a bone-chilling collection of three scary online slot machine games: Vampire Bats, Witches and Warlocks and Zone of the Zombies. All of these games have been exceptionally animated and come complete with creepy sound effects and a number of hidden features that could spring up on you at any time!

When playing Frightmare Slots you could at any time win the Frightmare progressive jackpot, which grows all the time behind the scenes the more you play. So try to keep your fears at bay for as long as possible – it’s difficult in these bloodcurdling games but it’ll be worth it when you bag that progressive jackpot.  

The online slots games in the Frightmare Slots category are:

Vampire Bats Slots

You’ll come face to face with none other than Dracula in this frightening online slots game, and be exposed to an assortment of creepy vampire symbols, so keep your wits about you as you bet from 1p to $20 on each of the 25 lines of this spooky slots game. 

Witches and Warlocks Slots

Another darkly themed and suspense-filled online slots games, Witches and Warlocks Slots could have you trembling in your chair thanks to its fearsome graphics and sound effects, but be brave and press on for that progressive Frightmare jackpot!

Zone of the Zombies Slots

The dead come back to haunt you in the third of the Frightmare Slots games, but they bring with them a rather nice surprise – hefty winnings! Be zealous while playing Zone of the Zombies and that progressive Frightmare jackpot could be yours…