Jewel Quest Slots

Jewel Quest Slots is by no means your typical online slots game. First and foremost, this game, which is part of the Casual Games category of William Hill’s online slots games, doesn’t have the traditional ‘pay lines’ that most online slots games have. There is a 60-block board, and each block contains one symbol, which changes every time you play a round. Wins can occur anywhere on the block – just line up three or more symbols in a winning combination and you’re on the money.

There are five unique game boards to get through on your treasure hunt as you improve your ranking – what level will you reach: explorer, adventurer, excavator, surveyor or researcher? Each time you match a combination of symbols, the tiles beneath those symbols turn to gold. When all of the tiles are gold, the bonus is unlocked and paid. Take note that the coin value chosen at the beginning of each level must be used for the entire level or all bonus payouts accumulated will be lost forever!

Jewel Quest Slots winnings

In Jewel Quest Slots you can win up to 2000 times your original bet, but take note that winning combinations can only occur up and/or down, not diagonally. Match up valuable treasure as well as ghostly figures of little-known lands as you continue on your winning adventures with the Jewel Quest online casino slots game.

The minimum amount you are permitted to bet in Jewel Quest slots is £1, but you can bet right up to £500 if you’re aiming for maximum winnings! There’s also an autoplay feature that you can enable, which will let you sit back and watch the action unfold on your screen – no need to repetitively click that mouse!

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