Millionaires Club Slots

Do you like extravagances such as lavish gold rings, dazzling diamonds, swanky yachts, classy watches and exotic cars? Then you’ll love playing Millionaires Club Slots, an online slots game that’s fun to play and might just net you the winnings you need to kit yourself out with some of the above-mentioned items!

Millionaires Club Slots is an online casino slots game that forms part of the Classic Slotsof William Hill’s online slots games. It closely resembles a real-world casino game, but you have the

advantage of playing from the comfort of your home. The odds of online slots games also tend to be higher than their offline counterparts, so you have more chance of winning while having fun!

Millionaires Club Slots has three game reels and one payline. You can play from £1 to ?3, and of course the more you bet the more you’ll win when you line up a wining combination of any of the items listed above. What’s more, there’s also a progressive jackpot on offer in this online slots game, and it keeps growing bigger the longer you play.

Millionaires Club Slots bonus round

If you land a Millionaires Club symbol on the payline, and you’ve played maximum bet, you’ll be given a bonus round. This bonus round doesn’t require you to pick any specific object under which you believe the maximum winnings are hidden; rather, the wheel automatically spins again and you can either win an amount on that spin, or another, smaller, inner wheel will spin, and on this wheel the winnings are much larger than normal. This is where you can win the progressive jackpot, so hold thumbs for that bonus round, and then for a successful spin on the inner wheel!

Play Millionaires Club Slots and other online slots games

If you enjoy playing Millionaires Club Slots you’ll probably also enjoy playing the other games in the Classic Slots, such as Aladdin’s Lamp, Buccaneer’s Bounty, Rags to Riches, Reel in the Cash and Shoot-O-Rama. Make sure you’ve downloaded the online slots games software and open up a whole new world of online slots gaming excitement.

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Millionaires Club Slots paytable

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