Rags to Riches Slots

Play Rags to Riches Slots and you could soon be richer than you’d ever imagined. With a very healthy progressive jackpot waiting to be won with every spin of the wheel, you never quite know when you could hit it lucky with Rags to Riches Slots.

The Rags to Riches online slots game has been designed to have a similar look and feel to the actual gaming machine in a real-world casino. You’ll get all the flashing lights and sound effects and have the familiar slot machine buttons clearly laid out in front of you. Bet from one to three coins and then hit the Spin button to get those symbols twirling. There are three reels of symbols in this game and a single payline, so keep a lookout for those Rags to Riches symbols – you’ll be wanting to see three of them lined up right in the middle of your screen, as they’ll give you a chance to spin the wheel and win the Rags to Riches jackpot!

In Rags to Riches Slots you can also use the autoplay feature to set the computer to play for you up to 99 times, so you can sit back and watch the reels spin for themselves without you having to click the mouse. There’s never been an easier way to play slots!

Rags to Riches Slots jackpot

While playing the Rags to Riches Slots game, if you line up three Rags to Riches symbols on the payline you’ll be entitled to spin the bonus wheel, giving you a solid shot at the progressive jackpot. If the wheel’s pointer comes to rest on the red jackpot wedge, you’d better make sure your system is ready for a pleasant shock, as you’ll have won the hefty Rags to Riches progressive jackpot!

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Rags to Riches  Slots paytable

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