Slots Glossary

Online slots games operate in much the same way as their offline counterparts in physical casinos, except with online slots games you can play from the comfort of your own home, and enjoy odds of winning that are usually higher than in land-based casinos. If you’re new to playing slots online, here are a couple of terms that you should familiarise yourself with in order to gain maximum enjoyment – and winnings, hopefully – from your online slots playing experience:

Bonus Game

An extension of the normal slots game wherein the player is offered opportunity to win extra prizes, usually the chances of winning in bonus games are much higher than in normal play. Bonus games typically involve a scene where you must choose from a selection of objects, or defeat an enemy, or aid a character in some or other way, and are thus an entertaining addition to any online slots game.

Pay line

The line(s) across an online slot machine’s reels, on which winning combinations may be formed. These can range from a single pay line in the centre of the reels, up to 30 pay lines in the case of some slots games such as Enchanted Beans and Native Treasure.

Pay table

The schedule that depicts all the possible prize-winning combinations of any online slots game. Different symbols are worth different amounts, and the pay table shows how each symbol in the slot machine game can form a winning combination for a prize to be awarded.


All online casino slots games have a number of symbols, which are the graphic depictions on each position of each reel that can line up to form winning combinations.

Winning combinations

Any combination of symbols that, according to the game’s pay table, results in a prize being awarded.

Scatter Symbol

These symbols can appear anywhere to constitute a win, i.e. they don’t have to be on the same pay line as the other symbols in the winning combination. You usually need at least two of these to effect a win; and three or more usually result in access to the bonus feature of the game, if applicable.

Nudge and Hold

In Fruit Machine Slots you are often given the opportunity to influence the final combination of symbols on a pay line by nudging a reel (moving the symbols one position down) or holding a reel (holding a specified reel in place while re-spinning the others); both nudges and holds can permit you to form winning combinations in the event that the initial spin failed to yield one. Try the nudge and hold features in games like Fruit Fight Slots, The Hulk Slots and Super Sideshow Slots.

Wild Symbol (or Substitute symbol)

This has a similar function to a Joker, in that it can substitute for all other symbols, with the exception (usually) of the scatter symbol. Very useful when forming winning combinations.

Progressive jackpot

A jackpot that is common to a designated group or category of slots that grows continuously until someone playing an online slot machine in that group or category wins it, whereupon it is reset to its initial value. Progressive jackpots are awarded randomly, and your chances of winning them increase the higher you bet.

Ready to play? Simply download the online slots games software and get cracking, or have a look at the various categories of online slots games, or have a read over our online slots rules page to further familiarize yourself with this fun-filled form of entertainment.